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Hear what my patients have to say!

We aren't just another acupuncture clinic. At Chinese Medical Center, we take immense pride in providing healing and relief to our patients through traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. To offer a more tangible idea of how your experience with TCM will be, we added some comments from recent clients who experienced the wonderful benefits our healing services have to offer. I suggest checking out what they have to say, my returning clients are loyal because they understand the benefits of working with me, and trust that I provide the best holistic care available in Quincy.

“I literally only have positive things to say about TCM, or traditional Chinese Medicine. I was in extreme pain every day as a result from surgery so my close friend recommended that visit Frank Cardarelli at Chinese Medical Center. I saw him for about 4 months straight to get a handle on the pain. I felt like they were excellent at helping me get out of pain, and explaining cause of my initial pain! This center truly cares and did everything in their power to make me feel better.”

Trisha Piedra

“Frank Cardarelli is a wonderful holistic practitioner. I often start out my sessions stressed, but by the end of each one, I only feel wonderful. I feel at ease and find insightful answers to all my questions.”

Jack K. Larkin

" incredible alternative treatment for patients needing immense pain relief. They do acupuncture for stress relief. The process consists of them inserting needles throughout specific locations in the body. Acupuncture's intention is to invoke the body's natural healing proccesses, promote health. and relieve pain and stress. Their treatment is a natural, drug-free alternative method of healing based on the belief energy."

Melinda R. Perez

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